Krav Maga Classes



New Tactical Handgun Level 1 & 2 proven techniques and new drills. 

The Tactical weapons  courses are designed enhance participants combat effectiveness with handguns. Participants will become intimately familiar with their weapons, and how to effectively utilize it at combat distances for self-defense in and around and home protection.  This course is a gunfighter course gear to develop the skills need to Prevail in a deadly encounter. This course will focus on Manipulation of all primary weapons platforms, and tactical live fire movements. This gunfighter course is designed to improve your knowledge and comfort on how to use these weapons to suit the mission. 

Ammo requirements: Pistol  200 rounds each, 

The course will start at Promptly at the times indicated below at the Our Private range in Ft. Pierce Fl. for additional information call Jim 772.233.2999      Feb 18th 9am - 2pm   Course Only  $175.00

  $175.00 Course only / Course With Ammo call 

Note: Course with included ammo is based upon 400 rounds of 9mm and 223/556 ammo.  For calibers other then 9mm call for pricing.

 (772) 233-2999

Civilian response to an Active Shooter  TBA  $15.00

This class will address how to react when you find yourself in an Active Shooting, Stabbing, Killing incident. following a short lecture we will spend the remaining time doing practical exercises on how to defend against an attacker when  you are unable to Run or Hide. IT IS TIME TO FIGHT!

Trauma Wound care Class C. TBA

This class will address the leading causes of preventable death in a trauma injury.  Students will learn to manage the situation and give the victim a chance to receive advanced medical treatment.  Topics covered will be CPR and AED, application of tourniquets, chest seals and wound packing. 

Trauma Wound Care and Gun-Fighting TBA 

This course is designed to enhance your effectiveness in both emergency medical treatment of traumatic conditions and fighting when injured.  The initial part of the course will focus on assessing critical situations, triage and trauma life support.  The second part of this course will consist of Live Fire and use force-on-force (simunitions) training in an environment where there will be individuals that require emergency medical treatment.  Additionally, students will learn how to stay in the fight when dealing with severe traumatic injuries.  This will be a fast paced, informative fun and exciting course!

Trauma care and Gunfighting       Course  $175.00           

(772) 233-2999

The Olson Combat System Offers Krav Maga classes at the following times: Private lessons by appointment only.

Call for availablity 772.233.2999 $80.00 per hour.  



Additional Firearms training


olson Combat system


The Olson Combat System Concealed Weapons Class

The Olson Combat System Offers a Concealed Weapons program .  Our courses can be taught in the comfort of your home or business.

If you want to carry a concealed weapon or firearm, you must meet the training requirement established in Florida State Statute 790.06. Our course is designed to make sure you are COMPLETELY competent with your weapon, and have the knowledge and skills to use it safely and effectively. Our professional instructors have an extensive background with firearms and place an emphasis on personal safety. We carefully combine the academic and physical applications of basic firearm safety and deployment; and go that extra step to ensure our clients are comfortable with both the law and the weapon’s application.  The cost for this course is $50 for the online course, and will require an in person shooting lesson which can be scheduled at a later time with one of our instructors.  The in person shooting lesson is $20 and will give you time to ask any questions while working on your FA skills.

            CCW in person class  $80

Includes semi private half hour live fire session. Not Included Safety gear, targets and range tim

Private shooting lessons $80 per hour

Not Included Safety gear, targets and range time.

Practical Self Defense

Firearms training

Tac Med Pistol Course

Participants must have taken our Tac Med Trauma wound care course prior to attending this class!

This course is a blend of our Defensive Pistol course and we train in the need to render aid to innocent person(s) who may have been injured during a critical incident. All injuries are simulated and training medical supplies are provided. 

DateTBA 8am - 2pm Cost $150 Space is limited register now.​  

Use of and Defense against Edged weapons. $50.00


This course will provide you with in depth training in the efficient use of a Straight or Curved blade. You will also practice in defensive techniques when threatened or attacked by an edged weapon. the basic course provide the use of a training knife for the course.

Additional  training knives can be purchased for $35.00 each, and a live blade version can be purchased for $50.00 - $85.00

​ Striaght and Curved Blade Karambit Course

Location: Port St. Lucie Police athletic league 2101 SE Tiffany ave. 

 Building Search Techniques  March 18th-  Level 1 9am to noon, Level 2 1230- 4pm $150.00Both sessions $250.00

​Morning level 1                                Afternoon Level 2                                          Both sessions                                

Discounts available for couples, contact Jim Olson.


     We are offering Building Search Techniques Levels 1 & 2. Both classes will be held on Saturday, March 18th. Level 1 will be from 9 am - noon and Level 2 will be from 12:30 pm - 4:00 pm

Building Search Techniques Level 1: This class will teach the skills needed to effectively search your home or office with a "handgun and flashlight" (weapon mounted  or handheld). We will teach the proper techniques for searching room to room in various situations from bright to no light. Once you have been taught the techniques on room clearing, you will practice locating and engaging various targets and will need to determine to shoot or not. Next you will search for live subjects and finally the scenarios will lead to a live subject that may or may not be a threat (who may shoot back). During the scenarios we will use weapons that have been modified to shoot non lethal projectiles. This class will be held on Saturday, March 18th from 9 am - noon.

Building Search Techniques Level 2 (You must have taken our Level 1 either earlier in the day or a previous one): Building on the previous level, students will be presented with more scenario-based encounters, additional CQB techniques, and working in pairs. Emphasis will be placed on appropriate movement and target identification/acquisition. This class will be held on Saturday, March 18th from 12:30 pm - 4:00 pm.

Safety gear will be provided and disinfected between students. If you have and wish to bring your own safety (paintball style helmet) we would encourage you to check with us to verify that it meets the proper safety standards. Gloves, Groin and Chest protectors will also be provided.


****No live weapons of any kind will be permitted.****


Location:  Old 76 Golf world. 6801 S Kanner Hwy Stuart Fl.  h

Pants and Long sleeve shirts will be required


For more information please call Jim 772-233-299


  Pistol / Rifle TBA $175.00

This course is designed to focus on the fundamentals of weapon manipulations. After all the advanced "high speed" stuff is just a Mastery of the Basics. We will cover all but not limited to the following:

Weapon selection, care and maintenance, accessories, carry location and positions, target selection, multiple targets, shooting positions, moving and shooting, use of cover, malfunctions, reloading, and more. 

BBQ lunch will be provided. Eye and ear protection are mandatory. hydration and sunscreen is highly recommended. 

Required equipment: Pistol with 3 magazines and holster( concealed preferred). Tactical rifle with 3 magazines and a sling. At least 250 rounds for each platform. We have 9mm for $20.00 per 50 rounds and 223/556 for $25 per 50 rounds. 

Tactical Rifle/Pistol 3 & 4 $175.00  TBA

This course is meant for those who have taken our earlier gunfighter courses (or equivalent) and are ready for the next level. We will be covering fighting from and around vehicles, team tactics, weapon transitions and using your pistol to fight your way to your rifle. 

We will be covering solo person room entries, force on force in and around vehicles, Low light engagements. Handheld and or weapon mount flashlights are required

Required equipment: Pistol with 3 magazines and holster (concealed preferred). Long pants and sleeves. Tactical rifle with 3 magazines and a sling. At least 250 rounds for each platform.  weapon mounted flashlight is strongly recommended.  We have 9mm for $20.00 per 50 rounds and 223/556 for $25 per 50 rounds. 

Call Jim additional information 772.233.2999