The Olson Combat System Offers Krav Maga classes at the following times:

Monday                                              Levels 3 and Above     6pm-7pm and/or 7pm-8pm

Tueday                                                Level 1 and 2              6pm-7pm and/or 7pm-8pm

Wednesday                                         Private Lessons By Appointment

Thursday                                            All levels                      6pm-7pm and/or 7pm-8pm

Friday                                                 Private Lessons By Appointment

Saturday                                             Private Lessons By Appointment

Sunday -                                             12pm-1pm Women's Only Self Defense

                                                            1-2pm Open

                                                            2-3pm Youth Krav Maga (ages 5-11)

The Olson Combat System offers a four class introduction to Krav Maga for 40 dollars.  Click here to begin your Self Defense journey today.  

Partnership with Treasure Coast Hope for the Homeless Foundation

Tactical Rifle/Pistol

The Tactical Rifle/Pistol is designed enhance participants combat effectiveness with tactical rifles. Participants will become intimately familiar with their tactical rifles and close quaters battle pistol, and how to effectively utilize them at combat distances for self-defense and home protection. We will also work toward longer range engagements out to 400 yards. This course is designed to help you to embrace your body’s natural reactions to stress during a combative situation.  At Hollywood Tactical Gun Club

Tactical Rifle/Pistol Course Oct.  13th 8:00am-2:00pm         Course  $175

Call for Discounted pricing on ammo 

Tactical Handgun I/II featuring the "Glock Gunfighter standards".

The Tactical Handgun I/II  courses are designed enhance participants combat effectiveness with handguns. Participants will become intimately familiar with their handgun, and how to effectively utilize it at combat distances for self-defense and home protection.  This course is a gunfighter course gear to develop the skills need to Prevail in a deadly encounter. This course will focus on the balance between speed and accuracy, and tactical live fire movements. This gunfighter course is designed to help you to embrace your body’s natural reactions to stress during a combative situation.  

The course will start at 8am sharp at the OK Corral Gun Club in Okeechobee Fl. for additional information call Jim 772.233.2999

Tactical Handgun I/II Course   8:00-1:00pm    Sept 29th   Course Only  $175

Tactical Handgun I/II Course  8:00-1:00pm      Sept  29th  Course With Ammo $270 

Note: Course with included ammo is based upon 400 rounds of 9mm ammo.  For calibers other then 9mm call for pricing.  (772) 233-2999

Additional Firearms training


The Olson Combat System Concealed Weapons Class

The Olson Combat System Offers a Concealed Weapons program every 2 weeks.  The next courses are on the following dates:

If you want to carry a concealed weapon or firearm, you must meet the training requirement established in Florida State Statute 790.06. Our course is designed to make sure you are COMPLETELY competent with your weapon, and have the knowledge and skills to use it safely and effectively. Our professional instructors have an extensive background with firearms and place an emphasis on personal safety. We carefully combine the academic and physical applications of basic firearm safety and deployment; and go that extra step to ensure our clients are comfortable with both the law and the weapon’s application.  The cost for this course is $40. classes are held at 3505 US1 Jensen Bch, Home Depot Plaza / Across the street fro Lotus gunworks.

CCW Course First Saturday each month 10am-2pm $40

CCW Course with Shooting Simulator  10- 3:30pm $55.00

Shooting Simulator

The tactical shooting simulator provides incredible benefits to the shooter, in the form of combat marksmanship training and decision making.   It facilitates training scanareios that would not be possible in a standard range.  Not only does it increase training quality and decision making, but it reduces the costs associated with ammunition during training.

Simulator training classes are from 10am-2pm the last Saturday of each month.  $60.00
Monthly memberships $50.00 1 class every month
Training is also available by appointment for small group training.

Female Fun Friends Group June 10th 10a-noon $20

 Basic Precision Rifle Course February 3rd & 4th 2018 

This course is designed to give you a strong understanding and application of your Precision weapons system. This is a two day course is geared for the basic marksman.  A smooth paced course, it will begin with firearms safety, classroom lecture and rapidly transition into equipment comprehension, fundamentals of marksmanship, basic ballistics, range estimation, and target engagements to 600 yards.

Topics: Safety
Equipment selection and care, Building your position, basic fundamentals of marksmanship, trigger control, recoil management
Understanding MOA and milliradian adjustments, Introduction to internal and external ballistics, Introduction to positional shooting
Data gathering out to 600 yards

Class sizes are limited to maintain a proper instructor to student ratio. All payments are nonrefundable and are not transferable.

Recommended Equipment List:
308, 6.5 or similar caliber precision rifle capable of one minute of angle accuracy ***
Match ammunition (minimum 150  rounds )
Quality scope with adjustable turrets and MIL or MOA reticle
Bipod, Sling,Rear Bag,Cleaning kit, Pen, pencil, highlighter, Rifle data book or notebook, Calculator, Eye and ear protection
Comfortable yet durable clothing (boot, pants and long sleeved shirt recommended)
Water, Food/Lunch to snack on throughout the day,Backpack, Sunscreen/bug repellent

**Rental weapons systems are available for $150.00 for the Day. You must request them in advance of course.
*** It is important that the equipment (rifle, scope, ammunition) that you are using for our events consistently meet the accuracy and adjustability requirements.   We don’t want you or others slowed or potentially limited by the wrong equipment.   If you have any doubt or just want to check with us please contact us.  Once the event begins it is impossible to fix any deficiencies, especially if all of our house guns are rented out.

Cost $300.00 per person course only

Trauma and Gunfighting

This course is designed to enhance your effectiveness in both emergency medical treatment of traumatic conditions and fighting when injured.  The initial part of the course will focus on assessing critical situations, triage and trauma life support.  The second part of this course will use force-on-force (simunitions) training in an environment where there will be individuals that require emergency medical treatment.  Additionally, students will learn how to stay in the fight when dealing with severe traumatic injuries.  This will be a fast paced, informative fun and exciting course!

Trauma and Gunfighting  TBA 9:00am-5:00pm each day         Course  $325           

Krav Maga Classes

Practical Self Defense

(772) 233-2999

Firearms training

olson Combat system

Strategies of Low Light Handgun Training

This course is designed enhance participants effectiveness with handguns and flashlights in low lighting conditions. Whether Weapon mounted, hand held or both. This two day course will make you effective and efficient in the use of low light techniques and shooting applications. These techniques are usually reserved for elite law enforcement and military personnel, but with today’s world becoming more and more uncertain we are bringing it to you and your loved ones. Included in course tutiton fees are lunch, dinner and breakfast: as well as vendor show, classroom and practical training.

Low Light Handgun Training Course  TBA  12:00pm-12:00pm     Course Only  $325 

Low Light Handgun Training Course  TBA   12:00pm-12:00pm     Course with lodging, or ammo $405

Low Light Handgun Training Course  TBA  12:00pm-12:00pm     Course with lodging & ammo  $485

Note: Course with included ammo is based upon 400 rounds of 9mm ammo.  For calibers other then 9mm call for pricing.  (772) 233-2999