olson Combat system

What You’ll Learn IN THE oLSON COMBAT SYSTEM Training

Get IN Battle-Ready Shape with oLSON COMBAT SYSTEM

  • Gain the physical, mental, technical and tactical training to fight efficiently
  • Receive the highest level training
  • Learn how and when its legal to defend yourself
  • Learn to defend against kicks, punches, knives and guns
  • Learn to counter tackles, chokes, bear hugs and holds
  • Learn to fight in close quarters when the firearm cannot or must not be used.
  • Learn to respond appropriately without excessive force
  • Learn to function correctly under emergency conditions
  • Learn the tell-tale signs of an imminent attack
  • Learn prevent an attack before it occurs

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Olson Combat System

Developed by the Israeli Defense Forces to train people of all ages and fitness levels, Krav Maga and the Olson Combat System are diverse hand-to-hand combat systems that uses instinctive and natural movement patterns to neutralize and dominates adversaries regardless of size and strength.
The Israeli Defense Forces are renowned for training special units from Commando to SWAT and Anti-Terrorist to VIP protection. Our instructors have been trained by some of the most experienced security consultants and instructors in the world today.

At Port Saint Lucie Krav Maga we provide programs for civilians, law enforcement, all sectors of the military, and special units, counter-terrorism units, close protection and security personnel (including ongoing and in-service programs).

Plus, with the fast-action combat moves and high-energy drills students get a total body workout that improves your strength, flexibility and endurance.

Building and educating individuals as a whole and not just as a technician of weapons (firearm, baton, etc.) is essential to achieve a well-rounded warrior who will turn into a determined and aggressive fighter capable of fulfilling the demanding and dangerous tasks on-hand.

Practical Self Defense

Introdutory offer 4 PRIVATE LESSONS for $200.00

The Olson Combat System is a hybrid combat martial art that is based upon the following combat martial arts:

  • Krav Maga
  • Kali
  • Combat Jujitsu
  • Aikido
  • Keysi Fighting Method

The system is predominately Krav Maga but leverages other combat arts when necessary to form a complete system.  Each combat art has areas of strength and weaknesses.  We combine the best of each system into a complete system.

Regardless of your age, fitness level or physical ability the Olson Combat System is the best way to quickly gain the ability to defend yourself in real life situations.

If you want to learn a highly refined street and combat fighting system to use against armed and unarmed adversaries, you’ll get the BEST combat training right here at Port Saint Lucie Krav Maga!