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The Tactical Rifle II course is designed enhance participants combat effectiveness with tactical carbines. Participants will become intimately familiar with their carbine, and how to effectively utilize it at combat distances for self-defense and home protection. This course will focus on the balance between speed and accuracy, and tactical live fire movements. This course is designed to help you to embrace your body’s natural reactions to stress during a combative situation.

Topics to be covered:

  • Weapon nomenclature and mechanics
  • Sighted vs. unsighted fire
  • Tactical and combat reloads
  • Use of cover and concealment
  • Weapon malfunction drills
  • Moving and shooting
  • Multiple targets
  • Rifle to pistol transitions

Shotgun for Home Defense

Olson Combat System Basic Rifle Courses

The Tactical Rifle I course is designed to prepare the participant for combat marksmanship.  It will teach the individual how to develop techniques that work under the stress of a combat environment.   We teach techniques that are practical, functional and work with the body’s natural reaction to stress.

Topics to be covered:

  • Review of AR15 cycle of function
  • Carbine selection
  • Proper use of sling
  • Safe use, handling, and storage of rifles
  • Sighted vs Unsighted fire
  • Use of optics
  • Combat Reloading

Tactical Rifle II

Olson Combat System Firearms Academy

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Olson Combat System Advanced Rifle Courses

Practical Self Defense

At the Olson Combat System's firearms academy, we offer courses regardless of your level.  Whether you’re considering your first firearm purchase or you have been training your entire life we have the capability to improve your combat marksmanship.

The Basic Shotgun Training Course is designed to train participants in the safe and efficient application of shoulder fired shotguns. Participants will become intimately familiar with the shotgun, and how to effectively discharge the weapon. Participants will also be required to demonstrate proficiency/ accuracy in identifying and clearing various weapon malfunctions.

Topics to be covered:  

  • Weapon nomenclature
  • Operator Level - weapon break down, assembly and care and maintenance
  • Weapon Safety
  • Weapon malfunctions (causes and clearance)
  • Weapon loading and unloading
  • Ammunition selection

Tactical Rifle I